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* We supply shops for your convenience and supply by mail order when no stockist is  near.

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Horse Health 

What we do at Global Herbs - "herbs for health"


Global Herbs - a herbal health company - is based in the South Downs near Chichester, West .Sussex, UK.  The company is run by a vet, Stephen Ashdown and his staff, and aims to provide a quick efficient service to animal owners generally  - especially horse owners -  providing them with exactly the right supplements they need to keep their horses, pets and themselves in the best of health.  Our service does not aim to compete with that provided by your local vet or health care professional but complements the help that you are already receiving.  We mainly supply horse and pet products to people in the UK but will also send goods to your address outside the UK.


Global Herbs specialise in Horse Health  Products (Equine Health Products)  but also have a full range for all other species.  As veterinarians we also provide a complete service for pet owners and are also available to advise about all farm animal problems.  Our nurse Jane is in particular a goat specialist.


For the past few years Global Herbs has provided mainly a mail order service.  Increasingly Global Herbs products are available in your local shops.  If you would like your local Feed merchant, Saddlery, Pet shop or Health food store or Pharmacy to stock our products just ask them to give us a call.  When you phone up in need of help we will tell you where your nearest stockist is (and suggest that you try some of the horse or pet herbs when you visit to pick up food and other requirements) so that you can save on postage and support local business.  


When you need horse health and pet health products that are not available in your local shop we send out your order by next day delivery along with all the written advice that you need.  Sometimes just one product is needed for short period but for difficult situations several formulae may be needed at the same time to provide the support you need.  Sometimes supplementation is necessary for several months or all year to combat problems that have taken years to reach a head.  Diet is often critical to horse health (and pet heath)  and we provide dietary advice to go with all our horse health and pet health  products.


About Herbs

Ancient Wisdom – Modern Science


Before modern health services started people and  animals had to rely on plants and traditional practices to keep themselves healthy.  Many of the foods that we eat everyday and plants that grow in our gardens and countryside have beneficial properties.  For example garlic helps keep chest clear, tackles parasites and can help keep skin in good condition.  Chamomile flowers make a great calming tea and help relax the bowels.


Every country in the world has its own herbal traditions that have been passed down over the centuries.  In the UK much of the old wisdom associated with the use of plants was lost with the advent of modern medicine.  However modern approaches to health care enable us to understand in great detail how the body works and how best to tackle imbalance.  Much of the detailed scientific work that has been done on the way that different plants work has proved invaluable to those who are interested in promoting the use of herbs.


In countries like India and China the way of combining herbs and the in-depth knowledge associated with their use was first written down thousands of years ago and is still available today.  The use of such ancient traditions when fused with modern scientific principles and ideas has given Global Herbs a unique range of herbal products (Specialist horse herb products like Laminitis Prone Supplement have proven very successful).  Global Herbs aims to give you access to the most important herbal traditions around the world together with the sort of advice you need to make them the as effective as possible.


I need more information How can I help my sick animal?


Contact us by phone. You will talk to our trained veterinary staff. If you wish to talk to our veterinary surgeon he is usually present but if this is not always possible immediately he may have to phone you back (within 24 hours) or we can arrange a mutually convenient time.


We do not at the present time usually give advice on our herbs by email because we can help more effectively by phone.   However If you cannot easily use a phone then feel free to email us.


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