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SPILLERS® created the original compound horse feed in the UK in the 1950''s. Since that time SPILLERS® have led the way in innovative nutritional products. From some of the world''s best known horses, to the family pony, SPILLERS® horse feeds have been the choice of generations.
We are passionate in our desire to benefit the lives of horses and ponies of all types, through the very best products that equine nutrition can offer. Our research has led to the development of products which make a real difference.
From competition performance to leisure enjoyment, SPILLERS® has become synonymous with proven feed formulations and expertise, providing the best in equine health. The British Olympic and Paralympic teams have used SPILLERS® feeds since 1968 and 10 medal-winning horses at the Athens 2004 games were fed SPILLERS® products.
The production facility for SPILLERS® feeds is superb, with strict quality standards underpinning our commitment to produce consistently high quality feeds every time. We are independently audited to ISO9000 and UFAS quality standards.
With more graduate nutritionists than any other horse feed company, our technical and practical expertise is second to none. Our products have been developed using our own research and through liaison with centres of excellence around the world, so you can be sure our feeds reflect the latest in nutritional science.
SPILLERS® fibres
Horses Need Fibre
For the best in health through fibre
Horses are natural fibre digesters. Over 2/3 of the equine digestive capacity is principally devoted to the digestion and absorption of nutrients from fibre, compared to just 20% for processing protein, starch and oil. 
What exactly is Fibre?
We commonly think of fibre as grass, hay and haylage that make up the forage portion of our horses diets, but fibre is contained to a greater or lesser extent in many feeding stuffs. Fibre comes in long form as grass, hay and haylage, in chopped forms as with chaffs, and thirdly in ground form as cubes and mixes.
The Importance of Fibre
After water, fibre is the most important nutrient for any horse. Not only do horses have a physical need for fibre to maintain their digestive function and the health of the digestive tract, they also have a psychological need to chew for 60% of the time as a form of activity.
It is therefore advisable that fibre should make up at least 50% of the equine diet.
Competition feeds
Compete with the best
The best traditional competition feed
SPILLERS® Competition Mix is the perfect choice for all disciplines of competitive riding from Pony Club mounted games through to Eventing or hunting. With a balanced supply of both slow release and instant energy alongside an enhanced level of nutrition including B vitamins to support optimum energy release and vitamin C to support respiratory health, SPILLERS® Competition Mix meets all the specialist needs of the competing horse.
SPILLERS® Treats are delicious, handy sized treats ideal for rewarding your horse or pony. They are available in Meadow Herb, Apple or Spearmint flavour to please every horse or pony.
SPILLERS® Treats can be given to your horse or pony as a training aid, to say thank you, to help catch them from the field or simply as a way of showing how much you love them.  
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