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As a company, our guiding principle and the driving force behind all decisions is to help owners feed their horses as naturally as possible and to make really useful feeds to help them with their specific feeding problems. Everything we do follows from this principle and we blend state of the art technology and nutrition with traditional values and generations of experience to achieve this aim. Making our horse feeds as natural as possible is always our priority, and we have pushed the market forward in using better ingredients and more natural production.
We were the first horse feed company to receive Vegetarian Society approval for our whole range and led the way on only using Non GM ingredients. As a manufacturer we are also constantly aware of our impact on the environment and our responsibility to produce our feeds in the greenest way possible. Allen & Page are genuinely striving to improve equine nutrition and educate owners. We are not just here to sell feed; it is all about doing the right thing – ethically, nutritionally and environmentally.
Allen & Page Product Range
Over the years we have constantly added new and improved products to our product range, building on years of experience of producing feeds for horses and ponies all over the country.
Allen & Page provide a full range of feeds, carefully tailored to meet your horse''s needs whatever his workload, temperament, or type.  From box rest, to feeding foals, to three-day eventing, our range provides a comprehensive selection of balanced, healthy feeds, which are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients.
You can scroll across our full product range at the top of the page and click on the sacks to view further details or use our menu bar which groups the feeds into activity levels and specialisation.
Healthcare & Advice
Grooming, shoeing, worming, exercise… the list seems endless when it comes to looking after your horse’s health and happiness. All of these elements are essential to the correct care of your horse and what you feed your horse affects his wellbeing inside and out. Feeding your horse correctly really is the foundation to having a fit and happy horse.
Whether your horse has a feeding issue like Lamintis, gastric ulcers or a barley intolerance, or any other feeding concern, these can be incredibly stressful for both horse and owner.  Not knowing how to manage your horse’s feed can lead to further issues, and we believe that by providing horse owners with a full range of the highest quality feeds and as much information as possible we can help to provide the feeding solutions you require.
This section provides further information on our feeds and articles with feeding advice to try and explain some of the common issues and queries which people have when feeding their horses and ponies. We also look at what simple steps can be taken to help keep your horse happy, fit and healthy from foaling until his veteran years.
Our Nutritional Team are always happy to discuss your horse’s individual feeding programme or any feeding concerns or queries which you may have.  You can either email them direct on or call our Helpline on 01362 822 902.
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