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All WINERGY products originate from genuine, scientific research projects, which we then trial extensively, finally producing the very latest nutritional breakthroughs as products which benefit both you and your horse.

Our products are carefully manufactured to incredibly high standards in a state of the art UFAS and BSI ISO 9001/200 accredited plant using only non GM ingredients.  We only source the best raw materials for our products.  This means we vary supplier throughout the year to ensure our products are of the best quality - the visual appearance may change seasonally but this guarantees superior nutritional quality.

All of our products are suitable for horses competing under FEI, Jockey Club and BSJA rules.


WINERGY Equilibrium


Imagine a feed company whose dedication and passion towards producing outstanding, proven feeds for every horse is their very reason for existence; where cutting edge technology yet entirely natural resources runs in tandem with unparalleled levels of performance and quality; where feeds are formulated specifically to equip every user, in every yard, with the optimum levels of fuel, knowledge and reliability needed to succeed at every level.


Imagine WINERGY Equilibrium . . . welcome to our world.


In 1994 we took the first steps in what is set to become the single most important revolution in feeding horses many of us will see in our lifetimes.  Instead of producing feeds with the needs of horse owners in mind, we put the horse at the heart of our research process:  this is a radically different approach, the only rigorously scientific one, which has forced us to choose nutritional legitimacy instead of producing feeds for the convenience of the horse owner.


WINERGY Equilibrium has been born


WINERGY Equilibrium is the first range of truly multi-benefit fibre feeds, scientifically proven throughout fourteen years of trials, to provide outstanding health and performance benefits naturally.  This is simply unachievable with traditional compound feeds.




Time for change 


“With regards to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it” ~ Aristotle


Winergy Calm & Balanced have been discontinued


If you have been using either of these products and would like to talk to someone about which alternative is most suitable for your horse, please call our care-line on 01908 576 277




Proven to support lung health


Every stabled horse may be at risk of lung irritation.




WINERGY VENTIL-ATE is a unique pelleted supplement, scientifically proven to support your horse’s own natural lung defenses.  Its exclusive formulation provides powerful nutrient support through a specific combination of antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E and Selenium. 

As the UK’s leading respiratory supplement, WINERGY VENTIL-ATE is a safe support system proven to reinforce lung health.


The importance of healthy lungs


A healthy respiratory system is vital for the overall health and well being of your horse; even minor respiratory challenges can affect your horses comfort and performance.  In typical stable conditions, your horse inhales approximately 12 million particles including dust, mould, allergens and irritants in each breath.


When you consider the average horse breathes over 70,000 litres of air per day, even more during exercise it seems obvious that their ability to breathe should not be compromised.


Is your horse at risk?


Every stabled horse is at risk of lung irritation.  Whether you have a leisure horse, competition horse or racehorse - anything that affects the way their lungs work can affect the way they behave or perform.


For more detailed information about WINERGY VENTIL-ATE call us on our Care-Line 01908 576 277


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