Welcome to BEDMAX

We know that you take the care of your horse very seriously indeed.
We also know that a growing number of horse owners today understand that the right bedding can play an important part in safeguarding their horse''s health, well-being and performance.
Bedding isn''t rocket science, but getting it right can make a very real difference, and we have gone to great lengths to make BEDMAX shavings the ideal bedding for those who put their horses first.
So whether you''re competing at the highest level or simply riding for pleasure, bring your horse safely home to BEDMAX.
The BEDMAX Benefits
Because we make our shavings from raw timber in our own production plants, we can control and maximise each of the important benefits that add up to an ideal bedding.
As we''ve said before, this isn''t rocket science, but there is more to a good bed than meets the eye.
·         We cut a substantial proportion of our shavings to a larger size, because that creates a deeper, more aerated and more cushioning bed.
·          We dry our shavings to a carefully controlled moisture content, because  this helps prevent hooves from drying out.
·         We make BEDMAX from renewable forestry timber from the UK, and we use pine wherever possible for its natural antiseptic properties.
·         And most importantly we screen our shavings as thoroughly as possible to eliminate dust.
BEDMAX shavings are completely and absolutely natural, with no additives or contaminants whatsoever.
Keeping it natural
One of our foremost objectives in the development of BEDMAX shavings has been to keep them completely and entirely natural. There are no additives or chemicals of any kind whatsoever used in the making of BEDMAX.
We cut our shavings from renewable softwood timber which we buy here in the UK. The shavings are dried at sterilising temperature to a carefully monitored degree of moisture, then screened thoroughly to remove dust and small particles.
We use pine timber as much as possible, because pine fibres are stronger and more flexible than any other softwood, and because pine creates a wonderful fresh smell in the stable.
Scientific research has also recently proved that there is a scientific basis for the long held belief that pine contains natural antiseptic properties. It has been found that pine contains an oleoresin that is active against certain bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Who uses BEDMAX
Many thousands of horse owners in Britain, Ireland and a growing number of other European countries are now bedding their horses on BEDMAX.
BEDMAX is the official bedding of choice for many of the leading racecourses in the UK, and for nearly all the major three day events. Our customers also include a growing number of racing trainers in the UK, Ireland and Hong Kong, veterinary clinics and hospitals, studs and breeders, and professional competitors in every equestrian field from eventing and show-jumping to polo and endurance riding.
From leading professionals to leisure riders, all our customers choose BEDMAX for one simple reason, they believe in giving their horses the best, and they believe that BEDMAX offers them the best bedding available.
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